Hello! I'm Emily Pan
& today I've got two things on my mind:

studio (experimental)

Digital Product Design

i went to college in 2011 and studied math for four years, doing "generally artsy stuff" on the side—it was the whole range of painting, silkscreen, and pottery. but being a digital native (growing up making tacky xanga sites) and doing web dev, i naturally ended up designing for screens. i

made flyers for events, infographics for researchers, and websites for everything else. in my last year at school I took a course in interactive computing, and from then on my path was set. over the years i've designed interfaces and interactions for a handful of organizations

focused on science and tech. in 2015 i made the formal leap into the design world (periodically exercising software skills) by starting an mfa course in digital+media. here i picked up projects that would sharpen my practice of critical thinking, design principles, and design research.

On Paper

Studio Work

blink very slowly
until you can no longer feel
the weight of the world

at risd, in a bout of self-discovery, i found myself most interested in the poetry and stories of the day-to-day. as a child growing up around a group of incredibly talented friends, i had developed a philosophy of "being ok with being average". this is not to say i wouldn't be ambitious, but i would

try my best to develop a set of values that would treasure small victories to the fullest. digital media to me is a means of recognizing our want to connect with others, as quickly and as fully as possible (though the medium is obviously flawed) (though those flaws are equally interesting).

to this end i built a series of quiet games, lonely robots, and giant projections aimed at capturing our introspective and networked existences in the modern world. in making work i have a huge affinity for text, repetitive action, and conceptual thought.