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RISD x RIPR: New Connections, New Communities

In Fall 2016, Rhode Island Public Radio (RIPR) approached RISD to support projects reimagining radio.

Radio has always been used to provide news and entertainment to the masses. As programming developed, more stations took the initiative to give space for the public voice via call-ins, interviews, and spotlight stories. While there are pockets of communities that are dedicated to radio, the medium is seen as more of a niche an inclusive platform. How can we communicate in a world super-saturated with media?

The project would examine the historical and current interaction between RIPR and the broader community, identify opportunities for new community inclusion and participation, and explore new modes of listening to these communities.

The team
Audrey Blood, Kelly Mitchell,
Eli Backer, Cody Filardi,
Benjamin Aron, Emily Pan

Because there was no precedent for RIPR's approach to RISD, our research culminated in a large range of projects and project proposals. Some were direct efforts to address problems in modern day broadcasting (e.g. expanding the reach of particular stations), while others were more artistic interventions meant to create buzz and signal RIPR's values of innovation, poetry, and community. The projects summarized below are those in which I had a significant role.

1. The Ocean State Playlist

A network of interconnected booths. A user chooses a song from a touchscreen interface
or plugs their phone into a headphone-jack capable device. Their song is added to the ever-
updating Ocean State Playlist, then played across each booth.

Interaction Design

2. Mixing Rhode Island

An audio-mixing app to build personal soundscapes by layering different recordings. The livefeed is played in a specified physical location as a site-specific installation, and hosted online.

Ideation, Visual & Interaction Design

3. Speakers on the Sea

An installation on the water for a community that lives and thrives by the ocean-- a maritime meditation. “Send your voice to the sea.” Rhode Island, the Ocean State. There is a poetic relationship between the waves of the radio connecting Rhode Island communities, and the waves of the ocean that are so prevalent to the character of the state of Rhode Island.

Ideation, Production